Funeral AND BUrial Services

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  • Exceptional Service at a Fraction of the Cost of a Funeral Home

  • Casket and Transportation Included

  • Servicing All Cemeteries in Southern California

The Omega Society provides funeral and burial services in addition to its cremation services. Two types of Full Body Burial Options are available:

  1. Direct (Immediate) Burial - $1,495* including casket

  2. Full Service Funeral and Burial - $2,545* including casket

Direct (Immediate) Burial


Most families are unaware Direct Burial is an option in funeral service, as many funeral homes simply don't mention this less profitable option.  Designed for those preferring a simple, dignified, yet economical burial over cremation, Direct Burial avoids the expensive extras in funeral service, like embalming, dressing, cosmetics, hairstyling, open casket viewing, chapel services, funeral coach, flower van, limousines and escorts, none of which are required by law. 

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Direct Burial provides for the delivery of the casketed remains directly to the cemetery, with or without a graveside ceremony prior to interment.  Families have the upgraded option of having a memorial service at any location without the casket present, prior to the cemetery interment, followed by a graveside service with the casket at the cemetery. This option can save families thousands of dollars. 


The Omega Society offers complete Full Service Funerals among its low cost options. By providing an entire funeral service that is comparable -- if not identical -- to those provided by traditional funeral homes, The Omega Society is able to chart new territory by offering the same service at a less expensive price. This option is available prior to either burial or cremation services.

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