Additional Options

The Omega Society offers additional options for those who choose to personalize their services in a special way by selecting from a variety of special upgrades.

  • Added Options to Personalize Your Services

  • Low Cost Upgrades to Manage Overall Funeral Expenses

  • Convenient 1-Stop Shopping for Ease in Planning

Private Yacht Charters for Burials at Sea


Omega offers the opportunity to witness the scattering of remains at sea, with a personalized ceremony aboard a beautiful private yacht, White Light. This meaningful ceremony at sea provides families with an opportunity to privately memorialize the life of their loved one while providing closure in a serene yet stunning setting. Docked in Newport Harbor, the boat is a completely renovated and elegantly appointed 67' Chris Craft yacht, not a sport fishing boat nor small power boat. 

Charters are priced according to the number of passengers:

  • 1-6 people at $1,185

  • 7-49 people at $1,360 


Each private charter lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and serves only your family members. Only your loved ones cremains are scattered.  Our captain will provide beverages, fruit and vegetable platters, music, and a flower for each guest.  He will perform a simple, meaningful ceremony with a reading, disperse the remains, initiate a flower toss into the water, and then circle the site in a Circle of Tribute before heading back to the harbor.

Unlike other charter services, there is no additional charge for weekend charters. This service is also available to families where the cremation was performed elsewhere. Families can also choose to add a biodegradeable urn, a biodegradeable floral arrangement (both of which can be placed in the water) and/or white doves which can be released at the end of the service (see below).  Without exception, families call to share with us their overwhelming satisfaction with their experience as a lasting tribute to their loved one..

Memorial Services


The Omega Society can arrange a nearby location for a private memorial service, with or without the remains present, where family and friends can gather to commemorate the life of their loved one. Omega also has contacts for ministers, musicians, and florists.

White Doves


The release of white doves at the conclusion of a funeral or memorial service is yet another opportunity to provide a breath taking, personal touch to a service. Doves add a symbolic and poignant final tribute to the life of a loved one, and provide a special feeling of peace, serenity and awe at the conclusion of a service.

Discount Caskets


The law prohibits any funeral home from preventing a family from purchasing a casket elsewhere, allowing families to price shop intelligently.

The Omega Society offers a complete line of American made, high quality, name-brand caskets at the most affordable prices anywhere -- even less than the discount stores. Our price-competitive caskets are available to both families using our services and those using the services of another funeral home.  Often, families think that they will save money by buying a casket at Costco or online.  However, they may not realize is that there could be delays in shipping or damage to the casket, all of which can effect the service date.  Omega Society can provide an equally low cost casket and make sure that the casket arrives on time and without damage. 

Discount Urns, Headstones, Burial Vaults & Flowers


The Omega Society offers a full selection of beautiful cremation urns, customized granite headstones and high quality burial vaults (from the same manufacturer as offered by other expensive, high-end funeral homes) and a full selection of abundant floral arrangements, all at exceptionally affordable prices.