Simple Cremation Pre-Registration

  • Removes burden of decision-making from grieving loved ones

  • Provides family the assurance their loved ones wishes are fulfilled

  • Gives peace of mind for all

  • No prepayment needed


The Omega Society's fundamental goal at its founding was to protect surviving family members from falling prey to emotional overspending at a time of profound grief. Our Founder’s basic mission was to encourage individuals to make their own arrangements --ahead of time-- relieving their survivors from guilt ridden over spending and allowing their wishes to be carried out by their loved ones completely guilt-free. This is the value of making pre-arrangements.


By pre-registering, you provide The Omega Society -- in advance -- the necessary vital information for a death certificate, along with the required releases and signatures. It also allows for the your specific instructions for the disposition of your remains. It is also valuable in preparing for an imminent death of a loved one. 

All information is kept on file -- for life -- at our central office, and wallet ID cards are provided with instructions to call The Omega Society in the event of death, along with our 24-Hour Emergency Toll Free telephone number. There is no charge to pre-register. 


This simple step will relieve surviving loved ones from the burden of scrambling for unfamiliar information, tracking down family members for signatures, and making costly emotional decisions -- all at a time of profound emotional distress.

This common sense approach to final arrangements is the reason why thousands of individuals have chosen to pre-register with The Omega Society.  It is comforting to know that The Omega Society will always be there for you at time of need, even if no pre-registration paperwork has been signed ahead of time.