Prepaid Cremation Package

  • $1,045 - Coverage within Southern California

  • $285 - Travel Coverage Throughout the World

What is included in Omega’s prepaid cremation package?

  • Filing necessary paperwork & permits

  • Services and support of a licensed funeral director

  • Transport & care of your loved one

  • Dignified, private cremation in Omega’s facility

  • Worldwide travel protection [optional]


Choosing prepaid cremation is the ultimate gift to your family & loved ones:

  • Locks in the price of your low-cost cremation package

  • Relieves loved ones of financial burden

  • Provides peace of mind your final arrangements are taken care of


Cost of cremation may rise in the future and a prepayment locks in a low price.

Payment plans are available.

In addition to our basic cremation package, our Prepaid Cremation Package includes:

  • Transportation within a 100-mile radius

  • Upgraded urn

  • Shipping cremains within the US

  • Scattering at sea


All of your prepaid funds are invested through Homesteaders Life Company, a trusted and established company, whose entire business is investing prepaid funds for independently owned funeral homes.

Unlike our competitors, none of your funds are used to pay sales commissions, nor are they used to provide profits to the funeral home before services are rendered.

For those who require "spending down" to qualify for Medi-Cal, prepaying for services is a perfect solution. The funds are invested in an "irrevocable" policy, which means the funds are non-refundable and are therefore excluded by Medi-Cal as an asset. 


If you have received a direct mail solicitation, or attended a seminar hosted by another cremation provider like Neptune Society, Trident Society, Smart Cremation, or even your local funeral home, you will be extremely pleased by our significantly lower pricing as well as our conservative investment strategy.  And, we promise, a commission driven salesperson won't hound you!

World Travel Coverage (optional)

For those who expect to travel and want total peace of mind, our World Travel Coverage is a great addition to your cremation arrangements. Contact our team for more details and we will help you understand if it’s the right fit.